Up to Date in Scoliosis: New Tendencies   
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Programa del Evento

Up to date in scoliosis:New Tendencies
07h30 - 16h00 Registration  
08h15 - 08h25 From Europe Dr. Robert Gunzburg
08h25 - 08h30 Why New Tendencies Dr. Karen Weissmann
08h15 - 08h30 eccElearning Dr. Max Aebi
08.30 - 10.30 Degenerative Scoliosis Panel: Dr. Chris Colloca/Dr. Marcelo Pérez
  New Questions  
08h30 - 08h50 Role of propioception in balance Dr. Jose Fleiderman
08h50 - 09h10 Spinal manipulation in conservative care Dr. Chris Colloca
09h10 - 09h30 Preoperative planification in restoring spine balance Dr. Andres Leiva
09h30 - 09h50 Spine balance during sex Dr. Marcelo Perez
09h50 - 10h10 Spine balance evolution with age Dr. Sergio Ramirez
10h10 - 10h30 Future: Balance in space Dr. Mauricio Campos
10h30 - 11h00 Coffee break  
11h00 - 13h15 Round Table with Case Report Dr. Marcelo Molina/Dr. Marek Spalzki
11h00 - 11h05 Case Report Dr. Sebastian Lopez
11h05 - 11h15 Sacral Osteotomy Dr. Ronald Schulz
11h15 - 11h20 Case Report outcome Dr. Sebastian Lopez
11h20 - 11h25 Case Report Dr. Carlos Huaiquilaf
11h25 - 11h35 Loss of Balance in hiperkyphosis Dr. Pedro Berjano
11h35 - 11h40 Case Report outcome Dr. Carlos Huaiquilaf
11h40 - 11h45 Case Report Dr. Felipe Novoa
11h45 - 11h55 Loss of Balance in Spondylolisthesis Dr. Max Aebi
11h55 - 12h00 Case Report outcome Dr. Felipe Novoa
12h00 - 12h05 Case Report Dr. Rodrigo Gonzalez
12h05 - 12h15 Loss of Balance in scoliosis Dr. Helton Defino
12h15 - 12h20 Case Report outcome Dr. Rodrigo Gonzalez
12h20 - 12h25 Case Report Dr. Julio Urrutia
12h25 - 12h35 Loss of balance in spinal stenosis Dr. Max Aebi
12h35 - 12h40 Case Report outcome Dr. Julio Urrutia
12h40 - 12h45 Case Report Dr. Francisco Adriazola
12h45 - 12h55 Loss of Dynamic Balance Dr. Ratko Yurak
12h55 - 13h00 Case Report outcome Dr. Francisco Adriazola
13h00 - 13h15 DISCUSSION  
13h30 14h30 Lunch and Workshops  
14.30 - 16.30 How to achieve balance with surgery Dr. Robert Gunzburg/Dr. Andres Chain
14h30 - 14h50 3D models and 3D printers in surgery Dr. Andres Chain
14h50 - 15h10 Accuracy in pedicle screws Dr. Claudio Lamartina
15h10 - 15h30 Can we achieve Balance without screws Dr. Adrian Zarate
15h30 - 15h50 Use of ALIF/TLIF/XLIF in spinal balance Dr. David Hall
15h50 - 16h10 Use and abuse of osteotomies Dr. Claudio Lamartina
16h10 - 16h30 Journals, evidence based medicine and context Dr. Robert Gunzburg
16h30 - 17h00 Coffee break  
17.00 - 18.30 Genetics and grafts Panel: Dr. David Hall/Dr. Roberto Larrondo
17h00 - 17h20 Nanotechnologies in spine surgery Dr. Marek Spalzki
17h20 - 17h40 Liophilised materials: is it better?, is it safe? Dr. Roberto Larrondo
17h40 - 18h00 Degenerative scoliosis outcomes Dr. David Hall
18h00 - 18h20 Stem cell therapy and intervertebral disc regeneration Dr. Chris Colloca
18h20 - 18h30 Discussion  
20h00 Faculty dinner  
08.15 - 08.30 Pediatric scoliosis  
08h15 - 08h30 Are new technologies always an advancement? Dr. Robert Gunzburg
08.30 - 10.30 Whats New Panel: Dr. Pedro Berjano/Dr. Ignacio Dockendorff
08h30 - 08h50 Balance in non ambulatory patients Dr. Rodrigo Varela
08h50 - 09h10 Hyperkyphosis in children: evolution of treatments in time Dr. Ignacio Dockendorff
09h10 - 09h30 Genetics in scoliosis Dr. Marcelo Costa
09h30 - 09h50 Spinal manipulation in AIS: what is the evidence? Dr. Pedro Berjano
09h50 - 10h10 Simultaneous interbody reduction and fixation for spondylolisthesis Dr. Marek Spalzki
10h10 - 10h30 Robotic surgery: The future Dr. Marcelo Molina
10h30 - 11h00 Coffee break  
110h00 - 13h00 New questions in pediatric scoliosis surgery Panel: Dr. Helton Defino/ Dr. Eugenio Galilea
11h00 - 11h20 Sublaminar bands in neuromuscular scoliosis: going back in time Dr. Eugenio Galilea
11h20 - 11h40 Radical osteotomies: when to use them Dr. Pedro Berjano
11h40 - 12h00 Coplanar surgery v/s VAR: Is there real derotation? Dr. Helton Defino
12h00 - 12h20 Up to date in anterior surgery in pediatric scoliosis Dr. Samuel Pantoja
12h20 - 12h40 MIS scoliosis in children Dra. Karen Weissmann
12h40 - 13h00 The future: Non fusion or no surgery Dr. Juan Pablo Otto